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History 1


A place of a thousand legends

The history of Torre delle Cornacchie, also known as Torraccia or Torre Spaccata, is associated with legends and magic stories. Its name derives from the fact that it was for a long time the haunt of crows, which often roosted between the walls of the tower and on the top.

Erected on a small hillock in the 11th century as a watchtower to protect Rome from dangers coming from the north, the Tower was built with basalts detached from the original Roman road. Still visible on the stones of the Tower are the marks of the carts and chariots that once traveled those paths.

Around 1300, the structure was struck by lightning and, as often happens, the phenomenon gave it an aura of mystery. Many legends were born from this event: in particular, there was a story of a treasure buried in the garden of which the crows were the guardians, and the lightning bolt, as a divine sign, supposedly revealed the exact burial place.

Another legend tells that an alchemist who lived in the Tower, Erasmo Tiraboschi, found the secret of the philosopher's stone. According to this narration, the lightning bolt was thrown by the Almighty who, having been challenged, wanted to punish both the man and his inventions.

Today, the legends surrounding the Tower and its timeless beauty make this place unique and fascinating, where past and present merge in an atmosphere of magic and mystery.

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